Burnin’ it up!

It’s been a hot summer (literally & figuratively) here in Florida. Even though summer will be “ending” soon for us we’re going to continue burnin’ it up by making huge progress towards the awesome things we’re working on.

Lazy days of summer?

Not. For. Us.

We’ve been busy (really busy). Writing music, planning shows, rehearsing & playing shows, designing videos, artwork and pumping hundreds of hours into delivering our passion to you!

Oh, and most importantly we’ve officially started recording the new album!

Studio Time!

We’ve been writing music for months & we just started recording in the studio a couple of weeks ago. Drums, Bass and most guitars have been tracked but there is still a ton to do.
Stay tuned for an album release date!

Tickets, Albums and schtuff!

Our web store is finally open! You can purchase stickers, magnets, albums and tickets! Join our official fan list and get our 25% off discount code to get a discount on all items!

We made a thing. Click it and watch!

Upcoming events

We have shows booked almost every month for the rest of the year.  Check out our current event schedule for near future upcoming shows.

Sept 9th at The Backbooth is our next event. This show includes 3 other phenomenal bands so get your tickets before it sells out!  Don’t forget to use your discount code when you signup for our official fan list.

We’ll try to send updates a little more frequently but in the mean time we’d love to hear from you so please reach out to us anyway you can (social media works great but we like emails too)!

Thank you!

Join our official fan list here!